Follow The Drama: Jos Joses’ Supposed Fatherhood Is Tested Again

We know that Jos Rmulo Sosa Ortiz, known by his stage name Jos Jos worked for many years in the music industry but died last year leaving an unresolved case on the road.

The Mexican artist He was always very exposed so he did not know how to handle his life with discretion and was always at the center of controversies over infidelities, diseases and intrafamily fights and medical problems until the last day. Related NewsBut the policy did not end with the farewell of the music producer, but he got more alive when his 24-year-old daughter, Sarita, refused to give her father’s body to her family, which caused the news to be in everyone’s mouth for several weeks.

Now, the family drama opens the doors to an alleged son of the Prince of the Song. When Manuel Jos concurs in the program My name is, I assure to be the son of the recognized figure and created a new dispute.On the one hand we have Jos Joel, legitimate heir of the renowned singer-songwriter, who strongly doubts the identity of the new singer and On the other side are Sarita and her mother, who said they are not opposed to Manuel Jos continuing to represent his father.


To be able to break up and clarify the supposed paternity of the serenade singer is that Jos Joel attacked in a statement and challenged the Latin pop artist to take the DNA test, boasting that in the year 2011 that study was already done and it has been shown that they do not exist ties

As in a soap opera, Manuel said that the only person who relies on this analysis is the daughter of the deceased artist, so Luis Ernesto Berrios, spokesperson for the young woman and her mother, said that Sarita is in the best disposition, S She says she doesn’t know him personally, but she has nothing against him and she will have no problem getting the DNA test if he asks her. What happen?