Follow The Elections Minute By Minute On Voto Latino, a Special On CNN En Español

Trump and Biden voters say they will accept 3:39 results

(Source CNN) – A few hours before the day of the presidential elections between US President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, tension is felt in that country and in the world.

CNN en Español prepared a special so that you are aware of what is happening this Tuesday, November 3, and in the days after the US chooses its new president.


WATCH our special Latino Vote

This is what you should see:

Who will win?

Here’s what polls and experts say:

Allan Lichtman predicts that Biden will win the election 6:21 Georgia is a key state for the US elections 2:26 Poll: Biden follows 10 points ahead of Trump 0:46 Polls: Biden leads the female vote and in Florida 1: 09 Early voting

This has been the phenomenon of 2020: more than 96 million people cast their vote early, breaking the 2016 figures in several states. What you should know:

These images are not proof of electoral fraud 3:08 Florida, key state towards the US elections 3: 43Trump vs. Biden: the key questions This is what Trump and Biden think about gun control in the US 1:41 This is how Trump and Biden think about immigration 1:49 Education in the US, according to Trump and Biden 1:46 This is how Biden and Biden collided Trump on health in final debate 4:14 Biden and Trump’s handling of foreign policy 0:32 How do Trump and Biden differ on the Middle East? 1:49 The Electoral College: How is the US President Elected? The battlefield

Key states could determine whether one or the other candidate wins the election

Florida, key state towards the US elections 3:43 Democratic candidates to conquer IowaU. Biden and Trump seek to win over voters in Pennsylvania 4:09



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