For Coronavirus, Millie Bobby Brown Calls To Care For Grandparents

The young actress shared a couple of emotional posts asking young people to protect older adults.

The popular actress Millie Bobby Brown, protagonist of Stranger Things, caused a stir in networks after posting on Instagram a small reflection on the pandemic of the coronavirusBecause the young woman stated that she will be quarantined at home with her grandmother.


In pictures you can see Eleven his character in the successful Netflix series, with a poster where He details the reasons why he decided to stay home with his relatives. Let’s remember that COVID-19 is potentially dangerous for older adults.

Brown He also published a video where he appears with his grandmother singing and showing more united than ever.

“I stay home for these people because they are my everything … My beautiful nanny, she protected me all my life. Now it’s time for you to protect her. Stay positive ”, wrote Millie Bobby Brown from her account Instagram.

The publication, which has more than 380 thousand L “Likes”, was very well received by all its fans on social networks.


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