Ford Takes Advantage Of GM’s Slamming Of Donald Trump To Criticize His Rival | ECONOMY

The CEO of Ford, Jim Farley, launched a jibe at General Motors (GM) by congratulating it on the decision to withdraw from the lawsuit filed by the Administration of President Donald Trump against California to prevent it from setting its own emissions and consumption standards, and he recalled that his company never bowed to the outgoing president.

In an early morning tweet, Farley said he applauded “GM for backing down on this critical issue.”

But Ford’s new CEO did not miss the opportunity to recall that the company never bowed to Trump’s wishes to reverse the advances of the Presidency of his predecessor, Barack Obama, (2009-2017) to reduce consumption and emissions. of vehicles and added: “I am also proud that Bill Ford and Ford stood from the beginning in favor of environmental progress.”


“Principles on politics,” Farley concluded on his personal Twitter account.

Yesterday GM announced that it will no longer be part of the lawsuit filed by federal authorities against California, which was joined last year by more than a dozen manufacturers, including Ford’s main rivals in the United States, GM, Toyota, FCA and Nissan.

Other companies in the sector, including Ford, BMW and Honda, reached an agreement with California in July to agree on stricter consumer standards.

GM explained its decision to leave Trump in the last days of his presidency in a letter signed by its CEO, Mary Barra, and addressed to the country’s environmental group.

Barra opined that “the ambitious electrification goals of President-elect (Joe Biden), California and General Motors are aligned to respond to the challenge of climate change and dramatically reduce automobile emissions.”

GM’s decision was applauded by Biden, who in a statement said that “GM’s decision reinforces the terrible myopia of the Trump Administration in its efforts to erode American creativity and America’s defenses against the threat of climate change.” .

“In addition to advancing our ambitious climate goals, this decision will have a positive effect as our nation strives to outperform our global competitors, create well-paying, union-protected domestic jobs, and reclaim our place as leaders in innovation and manufacturing, that will be the priorities in my administration, “added Biden.

GM’s slamming of Trump comes days after GM announced that it will increase 35%, to $ 27 billion, its investments to produce electric and autonomous vehicles by 2025.

Toyota said in a statement Monday that it is reconsidering its position as a litigator in the case against California.



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