Ford's Bronco Returns In 2020: The Brand Advanced Some Details Of Its Next SUV

A diesel engine, a hybrid version and a seven-speed manual transmission is what is speculated

If you want to buy a Ford Bronco of this decade you will not find it anywhere, because the SUV of the American brand was discontinued in 1996, after having been one of the favorites of the industry for more than 30 years.

However, Ford said a few years ago that the truck would return and has put the year 2020 as the final goal to launch it again.


This is what we know about her so far.

The Ford Bronco 2020 comes back after Ford lovers shouted for the return of the SUV, explains the brand: “We have heard our customers loud and clear. They want a new generation of vehicles that are incredibly capable but fun to drive, ”said Joe Hinrichs, president of Ford in America, in a statement.

Although the details of its engine remain a mystery, it is believed that it may include a popular engine of its other models. For example, the Ford Ranger, which was brought back also recently, has the engine turbocharged

of 2.3 liters that the Bronco would like very well.

Ford also said during a call to shareholders that it will launch a hybrid variant of the Bronco, Road and Show explained.

The Bronco is also believed to come with a diesel engine option, as it will be marketed worldwide.

Another interesting rumor, which began the publication Jalopnik, which has not yet been confirmed is the possibility that the SUV has a seven-speed manual transmission, which is rare because many manufacturers have ruled out manual transmissions and offered automatic cars only.

However, the Bronco is expected to maintain its original design, with several modifications to its body to make it more relevant to this era, in addition to the technology being an element that Ford will not miss.


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