Foreign Ministry Confirms Donald Trump's Attendance At The APEC Summit

On October 21, two days of the various riots that have taken different parts of the country were fulfilled. Product of this, and so far, 11 people have died.

During the day, the authority declared a curfew for the Valparaíso Region from 7:00 p.m. on Monday, until 6 AM on Tuesday 22. For the Metropolitan and the rest of the national territory, this decision is still being evaluated

These events take place less than a month after the APEC summit takes place, an event that will take place in Santiago between November 16 and 17.


Despite them, world leaders, such as the president of the United States, Donald Trump, who confirmed his attendance at APEC a few days ago, has not declined his attendance at the event.

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This, considering that doubts have arisen regarding the realization of this and the eventual withdrawal of some leaders.

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as reported by El Mercurio, they assured that the agenda remains intact.

In the same way they indicated that at the moment none of the assistants has lowered their participation.

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Finally, the Foreign Ministry said that it has kept in touch with diplomats outside Chile, with the aim of helping them manage their return to the country.



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