Forest Memo Has Already Prepared For His Death, Reveals His Wife

The television producer announced at the end of last year that he would undergo strong medical treatment to combat spinal cancer.

When Guillermo of the Forest announced at the end of last year that he would undergo strong medical treatment to fight the bone marrow cancer he had, he had to think about the worst, he even spoke with his wife Vica Andrade to make arrangements in case he is missing.


The cancer that kept the television producer on the verge of death caused his family to prepare for the worst. And although now he is recovering after a long medical procedure, his condition made him decide to leave everything in order and inform his partner.

“Obviously we talked about everything that would happen, how it would happen, how he wanted his remains to be handled. On my equal side, ”he explained Andrade during a meeting he had with different media.

“It was very delicate. It was very difficult also because the moment you enter these talks, it would seem that you are accepting that something can happen. So, it’s a very thin line, ”he acknowledged Vica.

According to the driver, this experience forced them to fix everything related to the care of their children, as well as the assets that each one has, all this, in order to protect their children from any eventuality if either will be missing

“This also served to tidy up, not only his, but mine and agree what would happen if one is not and the other is not,” he added.

“Memo has three children. Their children would definitely be in charge of having the things that are Memo’s and for me that is the main thing, for them, not so much for me. ”

Vica Andrade now he is happier than ever after Del Bosque announced that in his latest studies it was revealed that he is cancer-free, however, he acknowledged that now Guillermo of the Forest You should have a series of care to prevent the disease from coming back.

“Right now he has to integrate habits into his life, different things he needs to do for what could be that the disease arrived. That is what you have to do after a process like this ”and he concluded: he mentioned. “I have Memo for a while.”