Former Heir To The Throne Of Jordan, Under House Arrest After Being Accused Of Destabilizing The Crown

The Government of Jordan accused on Sunday Prince Hamzah bin Hussein, former heir to the crown and half-brother of the current Jordanian king, Abdullah II, of seeking to “destabilize the security” of the country and conspiring against the figure of the monarch. In addition, the Jordanian authorities assured that Prince bin Hussein maintained “contact with external parties” and carried out “movements and activities” in order to destabilize the area.

The Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister, Ayman Safadi, stated at a press conference that “the security services, through exhaustive investigations, have carried out a long monitoring of the prince’s occupations” and assured that both he and other members of the environment of the King who have also been investigated maintained relations with international sources about the most appropriate moment to start acting against the Jordanian monarchy.


In recent times, Jordan has emerged as a stable country, at least with respect to its neighbors. The different disputes between them and their own internal confrontations have turned the country led by Abdallá II into an ally of the United States and a prosperous nation.

But Jordan has seemed to rub off on the rest of its neighboring nations. Last Saturday the country experienced a wave of arrests made “for security reasons,” according to what he said. the official Jordanian news agency Petra.

Among those arrested were a member of the royal family and Bassem Awadallah, former head of the Royal House and former adviser to Jordanian King Abdullah II, as well as an unknown number of citizens, who, according to the Al Arabiya channel, are ” people close to Prince Hamzah bin Hussein. ”

The country’s authorities also broke into the palace of the former heir to the kingdom’s crown, who was placed under house arrest for what intelligence officials considered an attempted coup against the ruling monarch. In a broadcast video

on the same Saturday, Hamzah said that he was not part of any foreign conspiracy and denounced the ruling system as corrupt.

In a voice recording Published on Monday by the country’s opposition, the prince has assured that “he will not obey” when they tell him “you cannot go out, tweet or communicate with people.”

The denounced destabilization attempt in Jordan has sparked a wave of international support for King Abdullah II, whose country is a fundamental piece in the balance of forces in the Middle East. The first country to make its support public It was the United States. In a statement, US State Department spokesman Ned Price assured that “King Abdullah is a key partner of the United States” and added that “they will closely follow the reports and be in contact with Jordanian officials.”

The Gulf monarchies also came out en bloc to support Abdullah II and “the security and stability” of his kingdom, as well as Turkey, Iraq, Morocco and Iran. Iran’s Foreign Spokesperson also showed his support and assured that, “The Islamic Republic of Iran opposes any foreign interference and believes that all internal affairs of the countries should be resolved within the framework of the law.”

For its part, the European Union has also made public its support for the Hashemite sovereign. “The EU is closely following recent developments in Jordan. The EU and Jordan have a strong and solid relationship. We will continue to support Jordan and its people. The EU fully supports King Abdullah II and his role as moderator in the region,” he said the European Commission Foreign Spokesperson, Nabila Massrali, through her Twitter account.



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