Former Mlb Catcher And Commentator Dies

Former MLB Catcher And Commentator Dies

Hall of Fame All-Star catcher and commentator Tim McCarver died Thursday. he was 81 years old.

In his 60 years in baseball, McCarver won two World Series titles with the St. Louis Cardinals. He has also had a long career as one of television’s most famous, incisive, and expressive commentators.



The Hall of Fame reported that McCarver died in Memphis, Tennessee, where he was with his family, in the morning of heart failure.

McCarver was one of the few players to make it to the majors in 40 years and was a two-time All-Star. He was his partner on the drums for his two future Hall of Famers, Bob Gibson and introverted Steve Carlton, who rocked St. Louis in the 1960s.

retired in 1980

After retiring in 1980, McCarver began working in television, commenting on the 24 World Series for ABC, CBS and Fox. This is a baseball analyst record.

“I think there’s a natural bridge between being a catcher and talking about how you see the game and how other players see the game,” McCarver said. was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2012 when he and Joe Buck won the Ford C Award for Excellence in the Media. “It’s about translating it for the audience. One of the hardest things he does in television is staying up to date and keeping this simple for the audience.”

McCarver became best known to national audiences for his 18-year partnership on broadcasters Buck and Fox. McCarver moved to the network when it began broadcasting baseball in 1996 and commented on his first World Series in 2013.

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