Forward It Concerns That The Board "do Politics Through The Back Door" By Bringing Three Decree-laws To Parliament In a Non-working Month


The deputy spokeswoman of Adelante Andalucía, Ángela Aguilera, has lamented this Thursday that the Government of PP-A and Citizens (Cs) "do politics through the back door" leading three decrees-law to the Parliament in January, which is preventing " the dialogue and the contribution of the groups ".

At a press conference, Aguilera has considered "incredible" that the Board will bring three decrees-laws to the Permanent Deputation of the Andalusian Chamber, the same amount as those it has presented "in a year of legislature", which in itself has indicated as "a ridiculous amount for the needs of Andalusia".


"It is a paralyzed government, unable to bring projects to the Legislative Chamber, which uses the back door to make policy," warned the deputy spokeswoman for Adelante, while insisting that this government "prevents dialogue and group contributions "by bringing these projects as decree-law. "They do not want to listen to the opposition, they rob us of a political debate and they use the Chamber when they have no choice," he added.

Faced with this, Aguilera has called for a "deep and peaceful debate" of these three decree-laws – one that simplifies and streamlines the procedures for strategic projects, another that updates consumer protection for mortgages and loans, and the last for the one that modifies the Law of the game and bets of Andalusia.

"PP-A and Citizens (Cs), in collusion with Vox, do not want to have debate in Andalusia," said Aguilera, who stressed that they will ask to be discussed as laws.