Fotis Dulos Dies Two Days After Attempting Suicide After Being Accused Of Killing His Wife

Fotis Dulos, the real estate agent charged with the murder of his wife Jennifer Dulos, was pronounced dead Thursday afternoon at a New York hospital, two days after his suicide attempt at his home in Connecticut, according to his Norm Pattis lawyer.

Dulos, 51, was charged earlier this month with the murder of his partner and mother of his five children, among other crimes related to his disappearance in May last year. He had bailed a second time and was under house arrest.

The couple had been involved in a legal dispute to obtain divorce and custody of the daughters when Jennifer Dulos, 50, disappeared. She was last seen aboard her Chevrolet Suburban truck. Your body has not been recovered.


Connecticut police found the car later that day, abandoned with apparent blood stains.

The red Toyota pickup that Dulos had borrowed the day his partner disappeared was captured by security cameras moving between Farmington, where his job was, and New Canaan, where Jennifer Dulos lived.

Investigators then discovered another surveillance video showing the red car that Dulos borrowed 100 feet from his wife’s car.

“It is believed that Dulos operated the victim’s vehicle, which was carrying Jennifer Dulos’s body and other objects associated with the cleaning that occurred in the residence’s parking lot,” read the arrest warrant.

Authorities ruled out that the owner of the red van was involved in the homicide: data from his cell phone indicates that he was elsewhere. But forensic tests on the old seats he kept revealed that Jennifer Dulos’s DNA was contained in a bloodstain on the passenger’s seat, local media Stamford Advocate reported.

Additionally, DNA from Fotis Dulos was discovered mixed with Jennifer’s blood in her home that led to her arrest and subsequent charges against her.

A neighbor of Fotis Dulos told police he had lent him an ax to cut wood, a month before his partner disappeared. Forensic experts recovered the cutting instrument and are in the process of examining it, the New York Post reported Wednesday.

Defense attorney Norm Pattis undermined the discovery of the ax, claiming that it would not have been left “in plain sight” for the police to find if it had been used to commit a crime.

Troconis admitted in August that he went with Fotis Dulos to wash the Toyota, according to the arrest warrants. When the police asked her why she thought that her boyfriend borrowed her employee’s truck and paid him a $ 250 service, she replied: “Well, obviously … all the evidence says that … you showed me the image of blood at the door, it’s because Jennifer’s body was there at some point. “

He also said that he had been lying when he previously said he was with Fotis Dulos on the morning of May 24 and that, in fact, he did not know where he had been.