Four new deaths from coronavirus are reported in the United States

Four New Deaths From Coronavirus Are Reported In The United States

Seattle – Health personnel in the state of Washington confirmed today, Monday, that four additional people died from the coronavirus, which increased the number of deaths from the virus to six.

The six died from the coronavirus in Washington state, authorities said while a skyscraper and numerous Seattle schools were evicted for fears of contagion.

Dr. Jeff Duchin, local director of public health, announced the deaths at a press conference. Five people were from King County and one from Snohomish County. All died in a hospital in the nearby town of Kirkland.


Hours earlier experts had expressed suspicions that Covid-19 disease w as stalking the state for weeks without being detected. They added that it is most likely that, as more evidence is practiced, new cases will be discovered in Oregon and California as well.

King County Executive Dow Constantine declared a local emergency and announced that the government bought a hotel to be able to use it as a hospital in case there are patients who have to be placed in quarantine. He added that those rooms will be available on weekends.

“We have moved on to another stage of the fight,” said the official.

He added that portable room units will be available to accommodate homeless people. Up to 100 people will be able to use those addresses in the next few days, he said.

The F5 technology company announced that it will close its 44-story tower in downtown Seattle upon learning that an employee was in contact with someone who gave the virus results. The employee was negative, but company spokesman Rob Gruening told the Seattle Times that the building will be closed as a precaution. More than 10 schools in the Seattle area were closed so they can be disinfected.



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