Four Spaniards Die Who Were To Be Repatriated In a Plane Accident In Bolivia

Six people have died, four Spaniards and two Bolivian crew, when the plane in which they were traveling in Bolivia crashed this Saturday. The accident occurred in the Amazon region of Beni during a humanitarian flight carrying the Spanish “for repatriation,” according to the Bolivian Air Force. The ship was heading to the city of Santa Cruz.


One of the deceased Spaniards was a cooperator of Psychologists Without Borders, Alba A. F., this non-governmental organization in the South American country informed EFE.

Marcia Montoya, a member of this organization in Bolivia, related in a telephone conversation from the Bolivian city of Trinidad, where the accident occurred, that the deceased was part of a collaboration program with Psychologists Without Borders in Valencia (Spain).

Montoya said that the aid worker had begun her work in the Amazon region of Beni, of which Trinidad is the capital, in September last year, had finished it in March and was planning to travel through Bolivia before returning to Spain, but the Bolivian government declared a state of sanitary emergency due to the coronavirus, which includes a ban on travel within the country.

Alba went along with the rest of the deceased, three other Spaniards and two Bolivian crew, in a small plane from the Bolivian Air Force destined for the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz, and from there take a repatriation flight to Madrid next Wednesday, he explained. is a member of the non-governmental organization.

The bodies of the deceased were still at the scene of the accident at night local time, waiting for machinery to access a swampy area where the aircraft crashed, while the organization has already begun efforts to repatriate the mortal remains of the cooperative Montoya pointed out.

The other deceased Spaniards are Francisco José G.G., his wife Deliz S.V. and Yandira O.V., these last two Bolivian nationalized Spanish, while the Bolivians who lost their lives are Captain Fabio Daniel J.L. and Lt. Richard Anderson C.B. of the Bolivian Air Force (FAB), who manned the plane.

The Beechcraff Baron B-55 aircraft crashed at 1:42 p.m. local time (5:42 p.m. GMT) and the FAB is investigating the causes of the crash.

For his part, the director in Beni, the Bolivian state airport company Aasana, David Pedraza, told the media in Trinidad that about twelve minutes after takeoff, the crew reported an engine failure, so they warned that they were returning to Trinidad, but a few kilometers from this city contact with the plane was lost and then smoke was seen in the place where it crashed.

Next Wednesday a flight is planned between Santa Cruz, which has Viru Viru the main Bolivian airport, and Madrid to repatriate Spaniards stranded in Bolivia, exceptionally for humanitarian reasons since the airspace in Bolivia is closed due to restrictions in the country in the Covid-19 emergency.



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