France And The United Kingdom Propose To The UN To Create a Safe Zone At Kabul Airport To Maintain Evacuations

France and the United Kingdom will propose this Monday to the UN Security Council the creation of a safe zone in the civil airport of Kabul under UN control that allows the evacuations from Afghanistan of all those who want to leave the country, as stated. last Sunday the French president, Emmanuel Macron.

In an interview published by Le Journal du Dimanche, Macron points out that Paris and London plan to present a draft resolution in this regard at the emergency meeting called by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres. “The creation of that safe zone is very important. It would provide a framework for the United Nations to act urgently,” Macron explained.


The objective is “to be able to continue humanitarian operations” through the Kabul civil airport, -the ones that have just concluded have been carried out through the military airport-, although it could also be from neighboring countries, he explained. “We still have several on our lists. thousands of Afghans and Afghans we want to protect, who are in danger because of their commitments: magistrates, artists, intellectuals, “added the president.

The weekly publication notes that Macron is “impatient” to see if Russia and China veto this draft resolution and risk being complicit in executions that the Taliban may carry out.

Macron has also openly raised the issue of hosting Afghan refugees and immigrants. “Those to whom we have refused asylum will not be able to return to their country”, so “we must coordinate among Europeans” to prevent Afghan citizens from wandering “throughout Europe in search of the country that offers them a better reception. to deal with this matter without hypocrisy. “

Therefore, it warns about the statements of the US and the 100,000 Afghans he claims to have taken out of the country, since Washington has reached agreements with several countries, such as North Macedonia, Kosovo or Uganda to host several thousand of them temporarily.

“Let’s be honest, all these Afghans will not necessarily go to the United States and some will seek to reach the European Union. On this, we must speak clearly with our American friends,” insists the French president, to “avoid political tensions between the states.” .

Macron has also recognized that there will be a migratory wave: “There are already 850,000 Afghan refugees in Iran and 1.5 million in Pakistan. And the Tajik president, with whom I spoke two days ago, told me that there is strong pressure on his border.” .

“This migratory issue must be treated with great humanity, transparency and a sense of responsibility so as not to fall into a demagogic discourse,” he insisted.



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