Francisco Martínez Reveals The Gift That Beckeles Gave Him After Criticizing His Call To The ‘h’

Francisco Martínez Reveals The Gift That Beckeles Gave Him After Criticizing His Call To The ‘H’

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

The summons of Francis Martinez the microcycle of the Honduran National Team generated a series of repercussions in Honduran soccer; some highlighted Diego Vázquez and others questioned him for calling a player who was part of the Major League’s Pumas FC at that time.

One of the critics of the Bicolor coach was the defender Brayan Beckeles, the Olimpia player attacked the DT and took Francisco with him after being summoned to the Honduran squad.


“I have always stayed on the sidelines, I had not seen the call, but there are times when I feel that there are decisions and my point of view is different. I think that in the National Team it is not because of a game that they have to call you, because you played well one night, it is a day-to-day process, ”Beckeles said last August.

And he added: “If he calls whoever he likes or not, he should know what he thinks, but in football there is an identity and respect for the players, since the Senior National Team is not to invent or experiment, but to work and achieve the results that in the end is what everyone wants. You don’t have to look for people to like you.”


The criticism for the Olimpia defender was immediate as he took on a Major League player, who was the least responsible for receiving an opportunity in the H.

However, Francisco Martínez exclusively to Diario LA PRENSA, revealed that Beckeles had the great gesture of asking for an apology and gave him sports shoes.

“Beckeles spoke to me and apologized. I’m a guy who doesn’t hold a grudge against anyone, each person has a different point of view and respects each other. After talking to me, he sent me some heels (sports shoes) ”, confessed the now new Marathon player.

What did the Olimpia player tell you? We asked the holding midfielder and he replied: “He called me just to apologize to me and Edwin Rodríguez in the concentration and when we came after lunch he told me he wanted to talk, we arrived and he told me that Beckeles had sent them to me and he showed me the tacos ” .

The player from Santa Cruz de Yojoa taught the Honduran World Cup player a lesson in 2014 by leaving him some emotional words.

“I told him not to worry and God continue to bless him as he has blessed him, I told him not to worry since we were human beings and we must have love for our neighbor,” he said.


Francisco Martínez lived a series of anecdotes in the Honduran national team and Ángel Tejeda, Motagua striker, was his roommate in the microcycle and surprised him with a grand gesture.

“I played my final in the Major League with some humble cleats and I told a guy that he would sew them for me, I tried to get others but I couldn’t. When I put on my cleats on the day of the first microcycle I saw all the top players with their good sports equipment, mine broke when I put them on”, said Martínez.

And he added: “I said: “God if you bring me here you will not leave me in shame.”

When Ángel Tejeda found out about the situation that Francisco Martínez was going through, he had the great gesture of giving him some sports implements.

“The next day Tejeda gave me a pair of heels and told me that he will use them. If we have God in the matter, who against one ”, he closed the contention that was signed by Marathón.

Francisco Martínez posing with the heels that Brayan Beckeles (the blue ones) and Ángel Tejeda (the white ones) gave him.



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