Francisco Palencia Admits That He Would Have Liked To Play In America

One of the players that generated the most animosity in the fans of the Eagles of America is the Mexican attacker Francisco Palencia, who faced the Azulcremas with our three greatest rivals, Chivas, Cruz Azul and Pumas.

Many would think that Palencia hated the Eagles, but the reality is very far from that, since Gatillero himself confessed that he would surely have liked the Americanist institution if he had played on our team. He also confessed that surely it would have gone well in America, finally he also said that they should not hate our institution.


“The only thing we cannot know is what we did not do. But I think that being a professional, if I had had to play in America, I would still have been fond of it because surely it would have gone quite well for us. America should not be hated, as they say out there ”

– Francisco Palencia

In this way we realize that everyone, even our most hated rivals, deep down want to belong to the largest team in Mexico.