Francona, Intrigued By Campaign Options

CLEVELAND (AP) – Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona is intrigued by some of the options Major Leaguers are weighing to start the season at some point.

The pilot recognizes that there will be a situation never seen before.


Speaking from his home in Arizona on Thursday, Francona was confident that any decision MLB makes would privilege safety, health and wellness precautions _ for players and fans.

“If we ever see baseball at some point, that means the country is starting to have a sense of normalcy, which would be great,” said Francona, who is in his seventh season with Cleveland after spending eight with Boston. “And then, for us to have a season, we all have to be willing to be flexible because we are not going to have a normal campaign. It’s not possible”.

This week, Commissioner Rob Manfred said the MLB will evaluate all possibilities when exploring options for the 2020 season. One of the plans being discussed would target all teams in Phoenix and utilize the training stadiums as well as the Chase Field (home of the Diamondbacks) and collegiate facilities for games.

“MLB has done a great job of explaining,‘ if we play, it will be at the right time, if we do. We are not going to take anything away from other people and certainly the safety of the players and families comes into consideration, “said Francona. “We have to be willing to be flexible and compromise, as it is unrealistic that we start playing in Cleveland right away. It’s not going to happen”.

Another possibility that is evaluated is to start the season late, which would mean that the World Series is postponed even until the end of autumn or the beginning of winter and is played in a neutral venue.

At the moment, Francona is trapped at home.

“With a couple of my golf buddies we woke up in the morning for a walk, which I’ve never done in my life,” said Francona, who returned from Cleveland 10 days ago. “I do that. I try to swim a little. I’ve seen all the shows on Netflix. I’m sick of Netflix. “

“I admit, I miss baseball.”