Free Agent Eric Almonte Is ‘complete Success’

Free Agent Eric Almonte Is ‘complete Success’

Eric Almonte, president of the National Federation of Professional Baseball Players (Fenapepro), reported that the Dominican Baseball League introduced a free agency system after the end of this season, with about 112 players becoming free agents.

Ninety percent of that group signed with their own or a new team.

Almonte called it a “complete success”. “100% of these players received a raise. About 42% received a 60% raise and 28% doubled their salary,” Almonte said.


“Of these 90 players, 14% received three times the amount they earned the previous year,” Almonte told reporters at the Fenape Pro grounds on Wednesday.

Almonte saw the Dominican players as a “win-win” opportunity.

Fenappe player Esteban Gelman said the “uncertainty” for the player had already been resolved. Some players have contracts for two or three years.

“They don’t have to come in September or August anymore, like I used to say to trick coaches. They already know what they’re going to make, no matter what they do in America. ‘ said the player. Neither he nor Almonte have experienced it.

According to reports, 22 or 24 players will have the option of signing with a domestic team or the Winter League.

Players can find out their destiny from April onwards. “As Mr Gelman said, it will not be easier to negotiate in October than in March.”

Previously, both teams were detained until September, he said. If a contract wasn’t signed in March or April, “players no longer have to wait for manager or team approval.”

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