Friendly Meeting Between El Puma And Chente

Friendly meeting between El Puma and Chente | Reform

The two faced strong health problems in the past, but yesterday Vicente Fernández and José Luis Rodríguez, "El Puma", had a meeting with great joy and energy at the ranch Los Tres Potrillos in Guadalajara.

The Venezuelan singer, who spoke a few days ago of the rebirth that now lives after having undergone a double lung transplant in 2017, shared the images with the Mexican idol, whom he considers his great friend.


My dear Vicente was really beautiful and exciting to meet after some time knowing that we were both on the verge of leaving the body, "said" The Puma "through Instagram.

But friendship doesn't care about distance or time, when you know you have a great friend, "he added.

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Rodriguez, 76, thanked Chente, 79, for having given time for this reunion after several years.

Thank you for receiving me with that joy and energy that characterizes you at your ranch. It was a very exciting moment for me. "

Then, he mentioned the pleasure that gives him to see that the Fernández dynasty continues in the artistic medium already with the debut of Alex Fernández son.

Until always my dear friend, may God continue to bless you, "he concluded.

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In the images the two singers seal their encounter with a hug.

Very happy for the health of my friend José Luis Rodríguez. We had a very nice time, I was glad to see him at the ranch, his house, "Vicente shared on his Instagram account.

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On the other hand, singer Vicente Fernández, who already said goodbye to the stage in April 2016, starred in a recent tribute in Guadalajara, a land that saw him born 79 years ago.

The celebration for its more than 50 years of career, promoted by the City of Tapatio, was what made the Mexican icon entertain its fans again in a free concert, which was held on the esplanade of the Cultural Institute of the Hospicio Cabañas .

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Smiling, at a slow pace and careful all the time for two security elements to prevent him from tripping over, "El Charro de Huentitán" climbed the floor at 6:45 p.m., shortly before scheduled.

We are going to sing some songs, not many, but with all the love, "he greeted before singing classic ranchers such as" Too bad you are Ajena "," Beautiful Honey "and" The Keys Of My Soul ", among others.

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Between each interpretation, the audience cheered him with shouts like "Chente!" or "You are 'The King'!"

His voice was almost impeccable, although sometimes he was out of date with music, and he confused a stanza of the theme "I'm going to take you out of the middle" for "Divine Women", but his faithful continued to applaud him.