Friends Or Rivals? The Link That Unites Jennifer Aniston And Sandra Bullock. Impressed!

Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock share similar characteristics, they are beautiful, talented and very popular. But, in addition, they have a very special bond!

Although some fans would assume otherwise, they have even competed for the same roles, Aniston and Bullock are great friends. Related News The two stars of the performance met in the 90’s, during an event organized by Gwyneth Paltrow, when Jen was already on top of fame thanks to “Friends”.

Although both were behind the same type of characters, some time later they met at a wedding and, far from enmity, began to forge a great bond.


As some media in the entertainment world point out, in said event the interpreter of “Rachel” and Sandra even sent whiskey to each other.

The two celebrities had an affair with Tate Donovan, each at different times. However, this was also not something that created enmity between them.

“Their relationship is very cultivated … they don’t get carried away by the myths and beliefs that exist today about what friendship between women is like,” explained psychologist Gema Sánchez in an interview.