From a Reality To Royalty! I Met Hanna Jaff The New Mexican Meghan Markle

Just as Meghan Markle left American television to steal Prince Harry’s heart, Hanna Jaff had the same fate. Mexican, philanthropist and speaker of TED will become part of English royalty.

In 2019, the reality show participant “Made in Mexico” he met Henry Roper-Curzon, Baron of Teynham, whom he would quickly fall in love with. Thus, months later he would accept to become the wife of the descendant of Henry VII. Related News The fiancée of the Mexican television personality is little known in the middle, but within the British monarchy it is a powerful name.

This is the son of Lord Teynham, David Roper-Curzon, who in turn is cousin of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and mother of the princesses Beatriz and Eugenia. The wedding between Hanna and Henry is planned for April 26. In the boreal winter of last year, the founder of “Jaff for Education”

He agreed to become the wife of the Baron of Tenyham.


With an unquestionable beauty, as well as an interest in others, Hanna Jaff closely resembles Meghan Markle.

Now, Mexico can take pride in the fact that the celebrity born in California, but raised in Tijuana, will be part of English royalty.