From Boca To MLS? Bebelo Reynoso And Agustín Almendra Could Have Their Future In The United States

It was not the best pass market for Boca. It was only reinforced with Pol Fernández and Carlos Zambrano, the hierarchy forward that many expected and did not have the departure of a headline like Alexis Mac Allister. Beyond this, the first results with Miguel Ángel Russo were positive and time will judge What happened this summer. Now, new rumors appeared and they are not positive at all. Emmanuel Reynoso and Agustín Almendra are pretended by MLS teams and in Boca they are negotiating. Neither of them has been the owner and in the Xeneize they would not see with a bad eye a sale if a good offer arrives. 💣 A formal offer arrived at Boca del Minessota United from MLS by Bebelo Reynoso. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It is by purchase. They negotiated in silence for more than a month and, if they reach the intended number, Boca is willing to sell it.#Mouth

. (@CLMerlo)– Boca Juniors Community (@ComuBocaJuniors) February 13, 2020 Bebelo wants the Minessota, who already made a first formal approach. They offered $ 4,000,000 for 80 percent of the pass, but in Boca they will ask for 10 million for it. It is rumored with the pass of # AgustínAlmendra to the MLS (Inter Miami) team of former footballer David Beckham. If concrete, economically for #Mouth it would be an important income; sportingly for Almendra, it would be a disaster, as it would go to a League, not even the Americans see it— Che_Pa⚽ (@Che_Pa_BJrs) February 15, 2020 Almond’s case is different. He has not played since November and is not a priority for Russo. Inter Miami, David Beckham’s team, has been following him and wants to bet on him. The first offer would have been 10 million dollars, although the payment method would not have convinced the Xeneize. Will they reach an agreement?