From Documentaries To Children, From Premieres To Classics: 10 Series To Watch The Weekend And Face The Rain

Then, ten fictions to see for all tastes, from children to have fun as a family, to biographical and documentary, action and classic to spend time.

If you like vintage ones, a premiere

The fiction produced by the BBC that tells the story of the Shelby brothers has just released its fifth season. Set in the 1930s, this installment begins with the impact of the fall of Wall Street. Thomas, masterfully played by the English actor Cillian Murphy (Batman, the Dark Knight, The Origin and Dunkirk), is now a member of parliament and represents socialist ideas. The most powerful man in Birmingham, who decides the life of each of the inhabitants of his city, is part of the House of Commons. Inevitably will begin to reap enemies and new alliances.


To get ahead of what's coming

To get ready to start with the second season of the series (already without Verónica Castro) that will be released next week if you had pending chapters, to remember the best moments of the first season or to start it if you did not see it. The black comedy that was successful on Mexican television tells the story of a dysfunctional family that will do everything to keep up appearances.

To catch up with national productions

In the Netflix platform the three seasons of the fiction produced by Underground are available. Ideal to relive some epic chapter in the history of the Borges brothers or to finish looking at what you missed from the most watched Argentine series of the year.

Because of its duration (a season of eight chapters of less than an hour) the fiction that tells the story of the life of Carlitos Tevez is ideal to see in a few days, or in only one of rain. Starring Balthazar Murillo, the series directed by Adrián Caetano also shows what life is like in the Fuerte Apache neighborhood in Ciudadela, where marginality and violence are the order of the day.

To watch single chapters, two classics that never fail

No matter how many times you have seen it, the story that just turned 25 always works, has fun and entertains. It is ideal to spend the rainy weekend and watch full seasons or loose chapters since Joey (Matt LeBlanc), Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), Ross (David Schwimmer), Chandler (Matthew Perry), Monica (Courteney Cox) and Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) are already part of the family.

Like the aforementioned, it is always a good day to review your best moments. The story starring Dr. Meredith Gray has been nothing more or nothing less than 16 successful seasons and was even ranked as one of the most “marathoned” during 2018.

In just three chapters, the serial documentary shows the life of the creator of Microsoft, from his childhood to the present, through the beginnings of his company, the monopoly trial he faced and his activity in the foundation he carries out with his wife.

Head in diapers, back to business

The successful film has its serial version consisting of two seasons of thirteen short chapters. Ideal for family viewing, as it attracts adults and children (of all ages), it shows how Chief Baby invites Tim, his older brother, to teach him how the business world develops.

Spanish fiction was undoubtedly one of the most commented series of recent times. The story of thieves entering the National Currency Factory of Spain premiered its third season in July and the fourth is already being prepared with the incorporation of Rodrigo de la Serna, which would be released in January 2020.

In four seasons, the yellow tide became all the rage. Fiction shows how a group of women survive the punishments imposed by Dr. Sandoval (Ramiro Blas) in the Cruz del Sur prison. The fourth season also has the incorporation of Benjamín Vicuña.