From The Trunk Of Memories! Priyanka Chopra Shared An Image From 20 Years Ago And It Looks Beautiful!

About twenty years ago, Priyanka Chopra rose to fame after being crowned in the Miss World beauty pageant of 2000. That is why she decided to share a memory of that successful moment of her life.

Over the years, the model born in India He showed us that his age did not affect his beauty at all, since it remains almost the same as at the time the contest was held. Related News In recent days, Priyanka Chopra He shared a photograph of when he was 18 and became the most beautiful woman in the world. Putting this memory as one of the proofs that she is still intact.

It is clear that in the published image Nick Jonas’s wife looks much younger, a little different too, but he always maintained the beauty and his physical form. That’s why she dared to share this TBT, Throwback Thursday, for her fans to see and compare. In the publication, the famous model wrote: “Miss World at 18! The change of millennium … the year 2000! Wow, it seems like yesterday when I was living this dream. ”


In addition, the 37-year-old actress added: “Now, almost 20 years later, my enthusiasm for changing the status quo remains so strong and is at the center of everything I do. I really believe that girls have the power to generate change if they get the opportunities they deserve. ”

The truth is that this award opened the doors to the Hindu artist so she can begin her career and be recognized worldwide. But thanks to the fame she earned as Miss World, she was able to meet her current husband, Nick Jonas.