Functional Training At Home: Exercises With Furniture

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Yes, being locked up at home all day is not the best plan in the world, but it is our responsibility at the moment. Furthermore, it can be an opportunity to reflect and learn many things. If there is something that we are realizing during these days, it is that there are no excuses to give up exercise, you just have to take some time out. And that, during quarantine, we have plenty.

And since we know that you have also proposed to join our #YoEntrenoEnCasa challenge (don’t forget to share your routines in networks with this hashtag!), We are preparing these days a series of exercise routines for you to do. Today is a functional training: varied movements to work the whole body that, if you do not have discomfort, are suitable for everyone. The idea was given to us by the trainer Astrid Galimany, Spanish crossfiter and Oysho Sport ambassador, on whose Instagram profile (@astrid_galimany) she publishes very cool ideas. That is why we have made a mix with some of the exercises that we liked the most.


Ready to tone to the fullest? You just need to have the bed, sofa or living room table nearby. And as accessories? A carafe of water or a backpack (full, of course).

Looking for more ideas? Record all these routines for training at home.

1. Dips with support in bed

You can also use the sofa or the coffee table, any piece of furniture that adapts to your height. “Climb explosively and go down slowly,” recommends the expert. A good exercise to keep the core active, strengthen arms and gain flexibility in the wrists.

2. Dead bug on the ground

We already talked to you a few days ago about all the benefits of exercising the ‘dead bug’ or ‘dead bug’. But to be able to notice them, “the abdomen has to be tight all the time without hyperextending the lumbar,” explains Astrid.

3. Clean or charged using a backpack

Any backpack works, although the handles of the gym bags are somewhat more practical. It is a high intensity work, so the movement has to be continuous. “Choose the weight of the backpack or bag,” he says. “Keep your back straight and tight.”

4. Inverted push-ups using the table

Use a high table, like the one in the living room, so you can sneak under and hang from the end to work with your own body weight. “The more flexed the legs are, the easier,” Astrid advises us.

5. One-leg deadlift

You don’t need dumbbells or medicine balls, just a jug of water or a carton of milk, for example. Do 50 repetitions with each leg, keeping the abdomen active.

6. Squats with carafe

If you want to work your glutes with a touch of intensity, the carafe will be of great help. Act as the trainer and hold her throughout the exercise, raising your arms with her (to also work them) when you get up after the squat.

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