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Fundamental Weapon To Combat Side Effects Of Opioid Agents

A new technique is used to regulate those crises caused by opioids where high levels of pain are manifested.

Eduardo Najar

Latin Agency for News Medicine and Public Health

A new technique is used to regulate those crises caused by opioids where high levels of pain are manifested.

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Pain is one of the repercussions or symptoms that most affects the American population, where approximately 12% are registered with a chronic diagnosis while the rest suffer mild pain, most of these conditions are manifested by a certain pathology, accident, or condition that can compromise a specific area, most of the time, in order to regulate or control this symptom, people resort to the administration or consumption of opioids.

According to the printed edition of the journal Medicine and Public Health (MPS), Dr. Robert Pagán Rosado, resident physician, physical medicine and rehabilitation of the School of Medicine of the University of Puerto Rico, delves into; the index of; Accidental mortality that has been on the rise in North American territory, where the incidence and misuse of opioids for pain management stands out, since most of the time patients create addiction to these drugs.

The only way to mitigate or manage this crisis that is occurring in the irresponsible use of opioids is through specialists and support, emphasizing alternative therapies or techniques where these agents can be replaced.

Physical therapy and its alternative use in pain management

It has also been shown in multiple studies as the doctor argues that one of the alternatives for pain management are some physical techniques that can provide the patient with a better quality of life and above all a better diagnosis in that discomfort and discomfort that they present, likewise There is a variety of these types of practices that can help strengthen some aspects surrounding pain such as the neuronal part or musculoskeletal areas.

“Physical and rehabilitation medicine (physiatry) has been shown to be a vital component in pain management. One of the most important aspects of physiatry is the multidisciplinary approach used to manage neurological and musculoskeletal conditions,” says the doctor. in the article.


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