Gabriel Soto Explains Why He Didn’t Go To His Daughters Birthday Party

The actor was in Acapulco, celebrating the grand finale of the series ‘Single with daughters’

Sunday February 23 Geraldine Bazan celebrated the birthday of his two daughters, Elissa marie Y Miranda with a tea party in the Condesa neighborhood, in Mexico City. The great absentee of the afternoon was the father of the girls, Gabriel Soto.


Previously GeraldineHe had assured that he had invited his ex, which was interpreted as perhaps the actor had not wanted to step on the same place where his ex was.

“I celebrated them all week… (Gabriel) was invited , the truth is that I suppose he was working and could not go, but at some point he was with them he also celebrated them… ”, Geraldine spoke about it.

But now the protagonist of Single with daughters He came out to show his face and explain why he had not attended the birthday of Elissa marie Y Miranda.

“I couldn’t be with them because that week we were recording the end of the novel Single with daughters in Acapulco and a weekend before I took them to be with them and celebrate them, ”he explained Gabriel Soto to the program Let the joy come, ruining the rumors about his refusal to not want to be with Geraldine.

To support his version are also his posts on Instagram, which testify that indeed, that weekend he was in Acapulco closing the cycle of his last work on television.

Also and as we reported a week ago, Gabriel Soto He organized for his daughters a fun meeting in which he celebrated his birthdays. The actresses were at that party Ana Tena, Charlotte Carter Y Zoé Torres.

Despite speculation of the relationship between the actor and Geraldine BazanIt is true that the actor spends as much time as possible with the girls, who, as he says, are and always will be his priority.