Gabriel Soto: Irina Baeva Makes Him a Louse And Falls At His Feet

Gabriel Soto: Irina Baeva makes him a louse and falls at his feet | Instagram special photo

Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva, no doubt, a soap opera love, her story has stolen the attention of the public. And it is that the drama that was lived in social networks, so that this pair of lovers lived their endearing "happy forever", was very complicated. Today, we share the proof that only a caress of the beautiful Russian, makes him a little lice and falls at his feet.

This attractive couple emerged victorious, a 44 and 27, joined, which are the ages of Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva. The truth is that despite the clashes with the mother of Soto's daughters, Geraldine Bazán. In addition, of all the thousands and thousands of haters who attacked Irina Baeva, she fought for love.


Gabriel Soto falls at the feet of Irina Baeva

On other occasions, Gabriel Soto, has pointed out how wonderful woman his girlfriend is, especially when she raised her voice and told the terrible story of discrimination she lived in Mexico, when she ran into a married man, but who assured only He attached a paper to his wife.

Now, Gabriel Soto, thanks and celebrates the life of his girlfriend. This was expressed yesterday, which congratulated her on her birthday:

Today I celebrate your day my love @irinabaeva. I celebrate the love we have so great and I celebrate that you make me the happiest man in the world. A lot of health and a lot of life to keep walking together. Happy birthday, i love you!

On the other hand, the couple is more united than ever, then, they share credits in the single soap opera with daughters. In fact, Gabriel Soto, raised the emotion that caused him to make his way to the call. However, that is exhausting it is.

He compares it to the dog

Fortunately, he has his beloved girlfriend, it seems that Irina Baeva has magic in her hands, since, with only a few strokes on her boyfriend's blonde hair, he falls at his feet.

In addition, Irina Baeva, joked with the resemblance between the dog and Gabriel Soto, the two equals enjoying their beautiful caresses. How are you?