Gabriela Sabatini Told The Truth About Her Supposed Affair With Donald Trump

Gabriela Sabatini Told The Truth About Her Supposed Affair With Donald Trump

No one can believe it but the rumor of a secret romance between the president of the United States, Donald Trump, and the best Argentine tennis player in history, Gabriela Sabatini, until today was an open secret that the protagonists never clarified.

The Los Angeles Morning reporter met Sabatini while he was going on a trip and was direct: “Were you Donald Trump’s girlfriend?” The tennis player with her characteristic smile and sending complicit greetings to the driver Ángel De Brito only managed to say a “no, no”. He smiled again and escaped quickly.

The supposed love story dates back 30 years. At 19, “Gaby” was at his best sporting moment and the businessman was attracted to her.


Maybe Trump did not even imagine that he would end up as president and always be in the eye of the storm. He continues to face a process of impeachment in the House of Representatives, and a potential trial in the Senate while escalating the conflict with Iran and the elections are getting closer.

She became acquainted with the current president in 1989. According to Mundo Deportivo de España published in those years, the tennis player was at the top after having reached the semifinals of the Australian Open and achieving the silver medal the previous year at the Seoul Games.

Together with Steffi Graf, they were the most followed and admired players and among them was a kind of classic that was watched by everyone. And Trump was not one more. Some media said that he maintained a relationship with the New York businessman, who at that time was 43 years old and was going through a crisis with his partner at the time, Marla Maples, with whom he would end up marrying in 1993 and with whom he would have a daughter.

The media and the magazines of the heart of that time assured that the relationship lasted only a month, and the only graphic proof is this photo where they are seen together. At the time, none of the protagonists made comments.

The truth is that now the former tennis player was clear in ensuring that this romance did not exist but did not want to give details of how he met the president.



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