Gabriela Sabatini Was Donald Trump's Girlfriend?

Gabriela Sabatini Was Donald Trump's Girlfriend?

The president of the United States is always in the eye of the storm. The controversial businessman is currently facing a process of dismissal in the House of Representatives, and a potential trial in the Senate.

But what we are about to tell is not what will really surprise you, although the motive continues along the line of news about the sentimental relations of the Republican president.


This story will "dislodge" you because it is a romance that involves former Argentine tennis player Gabriela Sabatini. An alleged love story that dates back 30 years.

In its sporting splendor, the tennis player would have attracted Trump. Gabriela Sabatini became acquainted with the current president in 1989. At that time, as published by Mundo Deportivo de España, Argentina was at the top after having reached the semifinals of the Australian Open and achieving the silver medal the previous year at the Games of Seoul

She was 19 years old and with Steffi Graf they were the most followed and admired players. And Trump was not one more. Some media said that he maintained a relationship with the New York businessman, who at that time was 43 years old and was going through a crisis with his partner at the time, Marla Maples, with whom he would end up marrying in 1993 and with whom he would have a daughter.

According to the information of the time, the alleged relationship lasted only a month, and the only graphic proof is this photo where you see them together.



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