Gael García’s Father Is In Delicate Health

Bella de la Vega, wife of stage director José Ángel García, revealed that he is struggling against pulmonary fibrosis.

José Ángel García Huerta, Gael García Bernal’s father, is in poor health, as has been announced by his wife, the actress Bella de la Vega, through social networks.


De la Vega expressed his concern about the state in which the stage director is, as he is fighting against the pulmonary fibrosis that afflicts him.

“I humbly ask for a collective prayer for the health and recovery of my beloved husband José Ángel García Huerta, who is fighting a battle for his life against pulmonary fibrosis.

“God, Virgin of Guadalupe: help my husband to heal and remain the honest, fair and hardworking man that he has always been, with this joy, energy and good humor that make him a special being and the teacher who teaches us many things good with your example. Amen “, asked the actress.

Until now, Gael has not commented on the health of his father, who in recent years gave something to talk about for his relationship with Bella de la Vega, who is 30 years his junior.