Galaxy S20 Ultra: The Good – And Not So Good – Of Samsung’s Cell Phone – Video

A galaxy S twenty ultra is one that with a build does practically everything but it is worth it and it makes no sense that it exists with it we have two galaxy S twenty of very high range.
Well here I try because it gives back after the road the best and worst pests.
The galaxy S twenty Olga undoubtedly has an amazing six-inch nine-inch screen that is very small, offering great clarity and vibrant colors that also really like the front cameras to members of a hole at the top and is centered.
Also in full sunlight it is easy to see the screen something interesting is that the screen is less curved than before although these less revolutionary allows you to probably have fewer errors when the cases are.
In addition that also brings benefits when you are using some applications that have functions directly at the north pole corners.
The cell phone after a default update rate of sixty Hertz can be set up to one hundred and twenty sets.
It is what it offers is more fluent not only when you are playing video games but also as soon as you drive browsing the interface so outstanding.
Another important thing is that the phone is still waterproof with certification and despite feeling.
In galaxy S twenty ultra that your phone really big huge and is also a bit heavy.
In addition to this this device does not have a traditional headphone jack and other interesting things in the back although relatively clean you find there are no cameras that that giant with placing it on a table is alien that the phone is not very stable.
Returning to the screen I do not consider that everyone needs to place the update house of one hundred and twenty ex in the galaxy S twenty ultras.
Because the sixty-eight update presented a good experience in addition, he felt that most people with many people really noticed an important difference.
Also changing the current rate is one hundred and twenty ex impact negatively on battery life.
In our tests, it lasted five hours less than one hundred and twenty pesos compared without doing so, so that the last twenty-one hours compared to sixteen hours will have pleased that Samsung would soon have placed a ninety option is to have a better balance between the two.
Since we talk about the battery weighs five thousand Menem battery person of the galaxy S in which another is very reliable in most occasions and is very similar to the results we had in the galaxy S ten cross and also in the galaxy and no god we at least using the sixty update on the census screens.
Also in good at the box with those in charge of twenty-five shakes because that’s why you can practically charge zero percent in about an hour.
The phone for me is compatible with the actor of forty-five who enter are the bad thing is that it is optimized to operate at forty-five Watts is only zero to thirty percent after thirty percent is working no way not so late said five watts.
And it is worth mentioning that the galaxy S twenty against is also compatible with Carmen the only one and can also charge other devices of the community with mentioned the duration of the Mexican battery that twenty against is very good news is to change all three is one of the screen at one hundred and twenty ten will be holding an average battery life.
He also considered that most consumers would probably never switch to that action another aspect to consider.
Five G because it is good that it has the technology for its six as well as for my first website.
However, having five to use that Network without a doubt that the prayer of the battery will also be negatively impacted unfortunately here in San Francisco we do not have that Network five to be able to approve today.
In the gala that twenty this ultra once in how many rainfalls and this translates into general experience and also performance.
He considered that they are the fastest and most fluid phones that he provoked are probably faster and more fluid than tested so far.
I don’t consider that sixteen gigabytes any important difference compared to the twelve and they didn’t find that you have the cheapest version of your phone.
The galaxy S twenty other has four rear beds that offer excellent photos and be very reliable.
Generally the photos end with great clarity and vibrant colors and also have the option of a regular wide-angle camera and an excellent touch phone because it allows you to adapt better to all kinds of scenarios.
Samsung’s wide-angle camera has been one of my favorites partly thanks to the artificial intelligence it has and the Galaxy S twenty ultras does not continue to be.
In situations with low light in the cameras they also bring improvements in front of their predecessors, capturing Magnus and offering more details.
Who also the option to capture photos in one hundred and eight megapixels to achieve more detail in some conditions and the four X optical zoom made a hybrid ten X are one hundred and ninety important because it allows to achieve better results than cell phones like the iphone eleven pro and the PC four there are what to be.
That great lens also allows you to generate photos with donkeys background are more natural without needing to activate portrait.
With the with.
Have it for when you really don’t.
In video the cell phone achieves good results and has the ability to record video until the front camera of forty megapixels hits, also capturing good images achieving details and clarity in most situations.
As for the cameras in ryanair many complaints but when you want to take macro photos to be able to subject objects very closely this phone has problems because generally in the corners by the edges of its objects ended up nose.
In situations to summon them the galaxy S twenty ultra surprising in many occasions but in general it is still a little below what section four offers is that it killed him and four consumed the night and in some occasions also below the iphone he owns comes eleven promex .
On the other hand we will change from one hundred and eight megapixels are not easy as you would imagine and the results taking photos in we also vary greatly depending on the conditions of the many times it ends up blurring or opaque or at least more than what I put on that same lens using as default two megapixels.
Also when capturing photos in one hundred and eight megapixels the processing of the images is a bit slower.
In addition to its also when it is escaping points it does not as instantaneously as it is the four in most conditions speaking a little sent eight each is also good to have it available but the stabilization is not the best.
There is something good in relation to the price of the galaxy S among others probably not unless you are comparing it with other phones such as the galaxy poll and which saddens me today that cost about a thousand dollars much more.
That phone is a bit cheaper but nevertheless it is suffering from a similar experience specifications and functions also similar to the hotels in the other galaxy S twenty cost less.
The galaxy S twenty ultras is a cellular beast that I really like to use and probably Spanish continued for a while but its high price makes it difficult to define with many I have sense.
Also the differences compared to those who are twenty are very punctual and often unnecessary for many users.
The cell phone also in very large for many users said this in Caracas the twenty ultra is setting a new standard in the market.
And although he considered that the majority of users should first consider on the scale that this phone is regulated, it is good to have it because it is not showing the mobile possibilities that we currently have.