Galaxy Watch Active 2: Samsung Took Smart Watches Seriously

Wearables receive more and more attention. It is not surprising that Apple earns more thanks to this category than in computers or that Google buys Fitbit. Samsung is in the smart watch business for a good time and seems to have found its best form when it needs it most. This has been my experience with the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 should be one of the best options for Android users and a temptation for iPhone owners.

I used Samsung's Gear S3 Classic watch for almost two years and jumping into Active 2 made a big difference. We talk about a much lighter watch, polished in the design, but also the software that brings it to life.


The good

When you activate Active 2 you only have the option of the side buttons (Home and back) and the touch screen, but I recommend activating the touch bezel integrated in the edges of the screen in the options. Really. It becomes another clock, a better clock.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 also incorporates water resistance, which gives you the confidence to use it even to measure physical activity in the pool.

And speaking of physical activity, Active 2 makes it possible to run without the cell phone. Spotify allows you to synchronize playlists for use without an Internet connection. And yes, it is possible to connect your Bluetooth headphones to the watch.

We have more and more options for the dials on the watch. We can put the photo we want or generate a cover based on some colors.

not good not bad

Samsung is always clear when offering a battery day in Active 2 and is something to keep in mind. In my experience, the clock has given me up to two days without charge.

The bad

The Active 2 charger comes in a kind of cable base plus base. In previous models such as the S3 both were separate components and it was possible to take the base with micro USB connection to several sites. Now you will need a MORE cable in your life.

And my experience has been good in general, but I have a Samsung phone that integrates very well with the watch. Users of other brands will probably have to install more apps than they would like.

And Bixby … Well, I'd rather not talk about her today. 😩


Samsung has achieved its best smartwatch so far on the Galaxy Watch Active 2 with one of the best experiences for Android in 2019.

However, there are points that should be improved now that the competition is getting the batteries. We expect more battery in future editions and more third-party applications.

By: Alberto Nishiyama

November 7, 2019 – 5:00 PM