Galicia Tightens Surveillance On a Score Of Municipalities Two Days Before New Year’s Eve

19 Galician city councils in which its inhabitants could move freely until now will end the year subject to perimeter limits and with restriction levels between medium high and maximum. Seven of these localities have been located at a stroke in the lists of greatest concern despite having occupied a place in the group in which basic restrictions prevail until today. The jump affects the residents of Viveiro (Lugo), Verín, Monterrei, Castrelo do Val, Cualedro (Ourense), Noia and Lousame (A Coruña). In these seven localities, the evolution of the coronavirus among its inhabitants has pushed the Xunta to jump three steps of the blow when it comes to establishing limits. The Xunta increases control over 12 other localities that go directly from basic to medium-high level or on which it has been decided to apply special surveillance. The latter are: Barro (Pontevedra), Xinzo de Limia (Ourense), Carral, Xove, Muros, Outes, Porto do Son and A Pobra do Caramiñal (A Coruña).

The decision adopted by the technical committee that advises the Feijóo Government highlights the bad numbers of infections that have been registered in coastal areas such as the one that surrounds the town of Noia in recent days, both on its north and south slopes. These are fishing regions, delivered these days of Christmas to the distribution of fish and shellfish for the celebration of the end of the year, about whose details the Xunta has not said anything for the moment.


As for the good news, Lugo leaves the club of cities subjected to perimeter closure. It is the second of the seven main Galician cities, along with Ourense, in which its neighbors can enter and leave the municipal area at will, as long as they respect a curfew that remains fixed from 11 pm. Ponteareas and Rodeiro (Pontevedra) accompany the city of the wall in that transit towards freedom beyond its municipal limit.

Regarding the celebration of New Year’s Eve, the Xunta de Feijóo has not said anything for the moment while waiting for the press conference that the councilor for Health, Julio García Comesaña, has called for this Tuesday morning. The latest decisions take place in the midst of a new climate of concern and despite Feijóo’s last words, assuring that “Galicia resists Christmas well”.



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