Galilea Montijo, Say They Moved Their Influences Against Laura Bozzo

Galilea Montijo, say they moved their influences against Laura Bozzo

Affirmations assure that the beautiful driver Galilea Montijo moved her influences so that the lawyer and also driver Laura Bozzo will not participate in the program.

According to Alex Kaffi, who says that thanks to Montijo’s power among the public and his preference, he was enraged to know who would replace her in his absence.


Because Galilea is on vacation, the producer of the Hoy Magda Rodríguez program had to look for a replacement while the deadline for her days off.

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So Magda chose to turn to Laura Bozzo who has a vast record in the conduct of television programs such as “Laura in America” for which she is mostly recognized.

At the moment when Martha Galilea Montijo Torres learned about the production company’s plans, she moved her influences with senior executives so that it was impossible for her to participate by covering her position to Laura Bozzo who considers herself “her enemy” due to past conflicts.

For this reason, who will replace “La Gali” while they finish their vacations will be the beautiful conductor Cecilia Galeano who temporarily replaces the tapathy.

Recently Galilea shares posts on his official Instagram account where he always appears wearing fashionable clothes and sometimes sporadic he wears quite daring attires which are always very careful when taking the photographs.

Galilea Montijo and Laura Bozzo both are quite loved by the public, although both are conductive do not match the program style they have conducted.

Some time ago there was a conflict between the two, which began when Galilea claimed that Laura Bozzo had run her from the halls of Televisa while she gave an interview.

When the Peruvian gave her statement she clarified that she did not have a direct conflict with Montijo, however, she said that she had requested to separate the productions of both (small giants and Laura from all) had no relationship and had had problems with some of the panelists of her production with those of Galilee but that the conflict “did not happen from there”.