Galilea Montijo: The Real Reason He Left Today

Galilea Montijo: the real reason he left today. | Instagram Special

Rumors about the personal and professional life of Galilea Montijo have been full in recent days. Now she is Magda Rodríguez, producer of “Hoy”, who reveals the real reason she left the morning program.

As with other members of the broadcast such as Mhoni Seer, many fans of the broadcast thought that Galilea Montijo had been fired from the program Today, from time to time there are changes in the broadcast, there are driver changes, but is this one of those cases?


Magda Rodríguez emphasized to the media that Galilea Montijo was not fired. His disappearance coincided with a strange silence on social networks, since since October 29 he has not published on Instagram and his other official profiles.

Problems with your husband? Health problems? Have you had any surgery and are in recovery? Nothing of that.

The truth about Galilea Montijo

Magda Rodríguez, producer of “Hoy”, revealed to the newspaper “El Universal” that Galilea Montijo is perfectly healthy, that her family is well and that she is simply working on a special assignment.

After a well-deserved vacation and commitment to the "Little Giants" program, Galilea Montijo is expected to rejoin "Today" next Monday, precisely next week when the details of the special assignment he made are revealed, something that Magda Rodríguez described as a big surprise.