Gallos Pardoned Toluca And Tied In The Corregidora


Back and forth and with many arrivals the White Roosters and the Red Devils provided a good show on the Corregidora Stadium field and ended up dividing points in a match that was not due to emotions.
The goal of the Devils was the work of Leonardo Fernández 45 minutes after a great shot from outside the area, by Gallos tied Jorge Aguilar after a header from inside the area.
With this result the Roosters climbed to the sixth position of the general table waiting for the rest of the day.

The roosters urged of triumph at home after adding two consecutive defeats in the Corregidora against America and San Luis, received some intermittent Devils in the tournament.
The first of the game was Gallos, Marcel Ruiz stepped on the area and sent a delayed diagonal to Nahuelpán but Alfredo Talavera got in the way and avoided the first of the game.
Again Nahuelpán received with his back to the outskirts of the area and after a half-turn he opened the marker but the defense turned to send a corner kick. The Roosters kept knocking on the door.
The queretanos were masters of the game first Jimmy took a powerful shot that Talavera saw pose above and a minute later Aboagyé tried from afar but at the hands of the scarlet goalkeeper.
The Toluca woke up in the final stretch of the game with a tremendous goal by Leonardo Fernández who took a missile from his right leg and made it 1-0 for the visit.


The Rooster forced to react in the second half went with everything to the attack and after a corner kick Jorge Aguilar got up and with a punch shot the ball went to the bottom of the net to tie 1-1 the game.
Ariel Nahuelpán had a very clear one in which he rose only inside the area and ended up sending his shot from the side of the goal of Talavera He missed it!
The meeting became a sway in which either team had options to take the game but the lack of aim kept the tie in the Corregidora.
In a counterattack Fabián Castillo had the win after a mistake by William Da Silva, but the shot of the Colombian was touching the post and thus Gallos and Diablos signed a 1-1 draw in the Corregidora.



📹 | This turned on the spherical Leo Fernandez with an infernal shot and thus opens the score tonight! ⚽️⚽️⚽️ #SomosElToluca🔥

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Thus the goal of the tie fell. 🙌🏻#AlwaysGallos

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