Gemini – Sunday May 10, 2020: Venus In Your Sign, a Tone Of Sensuality Surrounds You | Gemini Horoscopes

Astrological newscast: the Moon has shifted to the sign of Capricorn in the vibration of the one, today mothers day, which indicates the beginning of a new cycle. All the planets are direct with the exception of the dwarf planet Pluto that continues retrograde in Capricorn. Your ruler, the planet Mercury, transits through Taurus and the planet Venus is in your sign.

With the transition from Venus to your Gemini sign at the start of a new cycle, precisely on your birthday month you will feel highly inspired, Gemini.

Many unresolved issues are resolved and if you have felt unwell, both in health and personal matters, you will notice a positive change in your life.


The cycle one that today Sunday, mothers day, is opening in your life, augurs a more than exciting next birthday cycle when your sign begins to rule the next peak day 19/20 May.

It will be truly transformative and many things that until now seemed obscure or inexplicable stop being mysteries, to become realities.

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Love You start this cycle one with great enthusiasm and determination, geminino. There will be nothing impossible for you especially now that you have this energy that comes from a direct transit of the dynamo of energy to a sign of your element, air.

However, if there were problems in the recent past and you begin to hesitate, hesitate, and postpone your reconciliation conversations, you could have sentimental problems.

Health This cycle is very favorable for Geminians who suffer from disorders associated with the kidneys and the urinary tract in general because it presents an energizing tone.

Work Don’t be too hasty if you have to finish a delicate job because your haste could lead you to make mistakes and conclude your task with something wrong.

If you are working from home, organize yourself well so that on Monday you will not be caught off guard by new tasks.

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Money and fortune Today, Sunday you have an aura of surprise in your surroundings and unusual things happen at any time. You receive from unexpected gifts to money in unusual ways. Chance also comes with psychic overtones in dreams and hunches.

Today’s astral biorhythm Sexual energy level this Sunday: medium to high. Cosmic dynamics that you must take advantage of: a happy tone whose cause you do not know how to explain, but that arises from your inner being. Dangerous trend of today Sunday in your Gemini sign: anticipate events, precipitation. What should I avoid ?: Comments with indiscreet people.

Phrase of the day: who wants, can, but not always who can, wants.

Couple prediction for today Sunday The best relationship today: this Sunday your air sign is very well sponsored in your relationships with other signs of your element. The most tense relationship: don’t argue with someone from the earth element like Taurus or Capricorn. Your current compatibility: very good overall with your element and fire signs. If you are single or single: This initial period of the cycle one is very inspired to express your feelings.

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