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Mexico, (Notimex) .- In this 21st century, it is known that the environment, food, pollutants, our lifestyle and even our emotions have the ability to modify the way our genome operates, Miguel Betancourt Cravioto established , director of Global Solutions of the Carlos Slim Foundation.

The genome that is made up of genes and each of these genes are what determine the color of our eyes, hair, our height, our predisposition to diseases and our response to medications, he explained in an interview with Notimex.

Exposure to environmental agents and the environment can modify the way our genome works and that is called epigenomics.


Towards the future, the genetic edition is visible, the manipulation of the genome using food, for example, specific nutrients and there is another very important element, related to the nutrigenomics that is the element of the microbiome, said the specialist.

“Today we know that there are more bacteria in our body than our own cells: In fact, recently there was a note in a scientific journal that said we are less human than we thought because if we add the total number of cells between the bacteria and our own cells, two thirds are bacteria and one third are our cells, ”he said.

And they are not there for a walk, they interact with us and then, that balance between our cells and the different populations of bacteria that exist in our skin, mucous membranes, in our digestive tract, in our genito-urinary tract, determine many of our diseases, the specialist added.

“Then when we unbalance our body, for food, for the use of antibiotics, for many things, that relationship between our passengers and us, generates our diseases,” Betancourt Cravioto said.

So, genetic edition, microbiome, epigenomics are new fields of science that will determine the future of medical treatment, of the treatment of diseases and especially with a vision towards prevention, he said.

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