Gennadiy Golovkin Will Be The Winner, According To Experts

At this point, it is the only question worth asking: Who will win the fight for the middleweight world title on Saturday night between Gennadiy Golovkin and Sergiy Derevyanchenko at Madison Square Garden in New York?

Golovkin (39-1-1, 35 KOs) comes from a dominant victory by KO in the fourth round over Steve Rolls in June. Derevyanchenko (13-1, 10 KOs) recovered from a split decision loss to Daniel Jacobs a year ago with a unanimous decision victory over Jack Culcay in April.

Who takes the victory? Our experts make their selections.


Dan rafael

Golovkin by KO
It is possible that GGG is not at its peak, but it is still a very formidable boxer with overwhelming power. Derevyanchenko is a good contender and manages to hold on for a while, but this one ends like most GGG fights, in a knockout. GGG by KO mid-fight.

Timothy Bradley Jr.
ESPN Boxing Analyst / Former Champion

Golovkin by TKO
Sergiy will come very prepared and provide some resistance against GGG. There will be some difficult times for Golovkin early, but his persistence, power and experience will prevail. GGG with a late stop within 10 rounds.

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Nick Parkinson

Golovkin for late KOT
Golovkin's power will finally take its toll after a stubborn resistance from Derevyanchenko. GGG can take a more patient and wear approach to do the job.

Teddy atlas
ESPN Boxing Analyst

Golovkin by KO
Derevyanchenko showed his good game against Jacobs while also showing a lack of defense that will not bode well for him against Golovkin. The straight blows of GGG surpassed the open blows and will cause a late stop for Golovkin.

Nigel Collins

Golovkin by unanimous decision
Derevyanchenko is good enough to give Golovkin a competitive fight, but not good enough to defeat him. It will not be as close as the defeat by Derevyanchenko's split decision against Daniel Jacobs. Golovkin is faster, hits harder and is a superior boxer.

Steve Kim

Golovkin by KOT7
This is a fight that will really tell us where a 37-year-old Golovkin is, as he faces a legitimate average weight of the top 10. Derevyanchenko brings a very favorable style for GGG. It won't be hard to find, and it's not so mobile or so fast. And with that, Golovkin will be able to land his jab early and frequently, then tear down Derevyanchenko and score a KOT in the seventh round.

Eric Raskin
Showtime Boxing

Golovkin KO11
I don't hesitate to choose GGG to win; I see no reason to believe that I am in a sharp decline, and whenever I am right about that, it is one level above Derevyanchenko in every way. The question is whether he can still knock out a world-class middleweight, something he hasn't done in four years. I see Golovkin going to the body effectively and wearing down Derevyanchenko, wanting the KO, doing everything possible and forcing the strike in the last rounds.

Charles Moynihan
ESPN bureau producer

Golovkin by KO4
This is a fight statement for Golovkin. The news of his decline is very exaggerated. KO in the fourth round.

Salvador Rodriguez

Golovkin by KOT11
Golovkin needs to make a statement in his first title fight in more than a year by knocking out Derevyanchenko on Saturday. I think GGG has the tools to dictate the fight. It won't be easy, but Derevyanchenko has the style that best serves GGG. It should be a knockout in the last third of the fight for Golovkin.

Bernardo Pilatti
Boxing Analyst

Golovkin by KO
Golovkin is adapting to a different style of boxing imposed by his new coach Johnathon Banks. He showed some changes in his last fight against Steve Rolls, but he was not consistent enough and returned to his usual aggressive style in the middle of the fight. The same will happen against Derevyanchenko. It could be a bit complicated for GGG in the first rounds, but it will adjust and make its way to a victory by arrest.

Jorge Eduardo Sánchez
ESPN Sports Boxing Host

Golovkin by KO
Derevyanchenko is a strong and experienced boxer who will give Golovkin problems in the first rounds. However, his style will cause the exchanges to be brutal, and in that area no one has proven to be more aggressive than GGG.