Georgia Supreme Court Rejects Trump Impeachment

Atlanta – President Donald Trump lost his most recent impeachment in his bid to reverse the election results in Georgia after the Supreme Court on Saturday rejected the case brought by the president’s campaign team and Georgia GOP Chairman David. Shafer.

The lawsuit – similar to others brought by Trump’s team that have made unsubstantiated allegations of large-scale voter fraud in Georgia – was initially filed on December 4, and was subsequently dismissed by the Fulton County Superior Court due to that paperwork was not properly completed and he lacked the proper filing fees.

The case was subsequently appealed directly to the state Supreme Court, asking justices to consider the case before Monday’s Electoral College meeting. In a short order, the judges wrote that the “applicants have not shown that this is one of those extremely rare cases that would invoke our original jurisdiction.”


It is the latest legal setback in the president’s attempts to overturn the election results. On Friday, the federal Supreme Court rejected a Trump-backed lawsuit seeking to reverse Democrat Joe Biden’s election victory, a move that ended a desperate attempt to bring issues previously rejected by state judges to the nation’s highest court. and federal

Even as lawsuits brought by Trump and his allies have been rejected across the country, the president continues to repeat baseless allegations of large-scale fraud. In Georgia, he has been highly critical of Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Governor Brian Kemp, both Republicans.



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