Georgina Rodríguez Triumphs In San Remo (with Tango Included)

The model Georgina Rodríguez, couple of the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, became the main protagonist of the penultimate day of the San Remo Song Festival (Italy) thanks to the combination of sophisticated styling, personal charm and gifts for the dance that he displayed on the stage in her role as co-host of the gala.Although she recognized that 25 years had passed since the last time a tango was marked, the quintessential dance of her native Buenos Aires, the truth is that the dummy showed that She remembers perfectly how to execute her sensual movements with the body of dancers that accompanied her. That was undoubtedly the stellar moment of their participation, but far from the only one. In fact, and as they picked up the cameras of the RAI public network, Georgina ended up exciting those present with the spontaneous and affectionate gesture she had for her boy, who was in one of the first rows of the auditorium. Upon receiving her bouquet of flowers and the warm applause of the public, the young woman went down to the armchair to kiss her and merge with him in a hug: all this in order to thank her for the unconditional support she has given her in the face of her Italian television debut. “And so I finished my great night in San Remo, surrounded by this great team! Great work! Thank you for the love and professionalism!”, he has written enthusiastically on his Instagram account to describe a image that portrays it with several workers of the organization. The tight and flattering golden dress that looks in the snapshot was only one of the four – all equally spectacular – that was shed during one of the most important evenings of her career. Only one day before, the multi-faceted Georgina delighted her unconditional with the surprise he had prepared for Cristiano on the occasion of the 35th birthday of the Juventus striker. After enjoying, together with friends and teammates, a copious dinner at the popular Casa Fiore restaurant in the city of Turin, the two lovers went down to the street so that the athlete could admire the impressive gift that his girl had bought him: nothing less than an SUV of the Mercedes brand and valued at 180,000 euros.