Geraldine Bazán Enjoying Life With Two Beautiful Gallants

Geraldine Bazán enjoying life with two beautiful gallants | Instagram special photo

Geraldine Bazán, is more renewed than ever. There is no doubt that since the end of 2018 and the beginning of this year, they were an ordeal for the blonde. His break with his daughters father, Gabriel Soto, was a scandal, but now he only smiles and enjoys every moment. This time, we see her enjoying life with two beautiful gallants.

As you read, Geraldine Bazán posed as Pancho Villa, with his two men on the shore. And is that the young and talented mother of two daughters, infinitely thanks to those people who are always at the foot of the canyon, who do not let her fall and who encourage her to continue triumphing.


Geraldine Bazán with two gorgeous gallants

The actress confirms that yes, she always walks on the beach, single, with her daughters, as a couple and in a bikini, but always on the beach.

And the truth is that lately Geraldine Bazán, does not want to leave the comfortable waves of the sea and feel the sand at his feet.

This time he boasted his two chocolates, that's how he tells them of love.

If I can "show off" something and be proud, it belongs to the friends that life has given me little or a long time. They are beautiful, loving, unconditional human beings who love me, care for me and with whom I share great moments of life to all. THANK YOU!!! Here 2 of them …

The truth is that once again Geraldine Bazán, enchanted with her tiny waist and pronounced hips while posing in front of the camera with a colorful and sensual bikini.

In addition, in his stories he shared moments of nocturnal fun, without a doubt, he deserves to be very happy.