Geraldine Bazán Organizes Birthdays For Her Daughters Without Gabriel Soto

Geraldine Bazán Organizes Birthdays For Her Daughters Without Gabriel Soto

The actress organized a birthday party for her daughters that Gabriel Soto did not attend.

At first glance one might think that Gabriel Soto he was the big absent at the birthday party that his ex, Geraldine Bazan, organized for the daughters of both, Elissa marie Y Miranda, as shown in the photos that the actress shared in networks, the actor was not there to celebrate them.


In each of the images you see the “three musketeers” (as he calls them Geraldine), in addition to several friends and small guests who celebrated Elissa Y Miranda.

Despite the absence of Gabriel At this party, the actor celebrated his daughters in advance with another meeting in which there was also cake, games and girls, such as Ana Tena, Charlotte Carter Y Zoé Torreswho worked with Soto in the series Single with daughters and that they have become very friends with their daughters.

“Pre birthday party for my girls #Elissa and #Miranda,” he wrote Gabriel Soto next to the photo that testifies to the party he organized for his girls.

In addition, the actor had already dedicated two emotional messages of congratulation with which he expressed the great affection he has for them. “Today you are 11 years old, my daughter. Thank you for choosing me as your dad. Thank you for giving me the greatest joys with every hug you give me, with every smile and with every time you tell me amo I love you ’,” he wrote to Elissa.

“You are already 6 years old and I am so, but so proud of you. You are the girl with the biggest heart, the most mischievous, and the most tender in the whole world. You melt my heart with your looks, with your smiles and with all the love you give me little daughter, ”was the message to Miranda.

In addition to pre-testing, the absence of Gabriel Soto it would be explained by the fact that Sunday, February 23 (day on which Geraldine celebrated his daughters birthday) the broadcasts of Single with daughters.