Geraldine Bazán Spoke About Her Aesthetic Retouching And Told The Truth

Geraldine Bazán is one of the great media personalities of the country of the northern hemisphere and thanks to her acting talent and her impressive beauty, the also model has remained in the ring for more than 25 years. Already 38 years old, the actress has an enviable figure and this is due to a strict food and training routine. But recently she revealed what she has done to keep herself looking younger and prettier.

In her social networks, Geraldine confessed that throughout her life she has undergone surgery on several occasions to undergo some cosmetic touch-ups. Although this decision is something very frequent in the entertainment world, Bazán maintained that he is not ashamed to make it and that his surgical interventions were really minimal.

The protagonist of the soap opera “Love has no price” commented that a few years ago she underwent a rhinoplasty and when she was much younger she had breast implants. In turn, Geraldine remarked that the key to her impressive physical condition was to maintain control over her diet, complementing it with various series of training sessions.


Some time ago, Geraldine Bazán shared on her Instagram an image from when she was 23 years old in which she left an inspiring message for those who want to make a change in their body: “What better example than if you can guys, I’ll tell you… This was More than 15 years ago, I had been living in the USA for a short time and of course my diet was terrible, in addition to being in the transition stage from girl to woman ”, said the 38-year-old model.}

Currently, Gabriel Soto’s ex-wife is enjoying her life with her daughters and with her recent partner, the Mexican businessman Luis Murillo. So far, Geraldine is one of the main protagonists of the comic soap opera “100 days to fall in love” and at the same time, she carries out different advertising campaigns.