German Cases Confirm That With Mild Symptoms The Coronavirus Is Transmitted

The analyzes carried out in German patients infected with the coronavirus reveal that some of them present even with a mild infectious virus symptomatology in the nasopharyngeal area, which allows to conclude that they can even transmit this new variant with hardly any symptoms.

Thus, according to the statement released today by the Berlin Charité clinic, the Schwabing Clinic in Munich and the German Army Microbiology Institute, the symptoms presented by the patients examined ‘are more similar to a harmless cold than to severe pneumonia.’

At the same time, the laboratories of the Institute of Virology of the Charité and of the Army’s Microbiology found indications that the new coronavirus multiplies, regardless of the lungs, in the nasopharyngeal area and in the digestive tract.


“These observations are a clear indication of virus transmission even with a mild or incipient cold symptom (sore throat, signs of acute sinusitis, mild general malaise without fever),” the statement said.

Both laboratories participate since the confirmation in Germany of the first case of infection in the diagnosis of this new variant of coronavirus with regular and independent examinations between both of the presence of the virus in isolated patients at the Schwabing Clinic in Munich.

This is the group infected by the focus on the German car components company Webasto, which originates from a colleague from China who visited the factory headquarters in Bavaria, in southern Germany, to teach a course on training.

There are currently twelve confirmed cases of infection by the coronavirus in Germany, ten of them due to the focus on the Webasto company – including two minors – and two others from the group of 124 people evacuated from Wuhan last Saturday.



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