German Government Is Concerned About The Increase In COVID-19 Cases

BERLIN (AP) – The German government has expressed concern about the growing number of COVID-19 cases in the country.

Official figures released Monday show nearly 1,192 confirmed infections in the past 24 hours. The actual number is likely higher due to reporting delays over the weekend.


Government spokesman Steffen Seiber said that “the evolution of the infection figures is causing us great concern.” He added that the number of cases in Germany has roughly tripled since June.

While some regions have had few new cases, others have seen a sharp jump.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is scheduled to meet with the governors of Germany’s 16 states on Tuesday to discuss what measures are needed to tackle the pandemic heading into the fall.

The country has managed better than many of its neighbors to contain the spread of the virus and keep the death rate low.

According to official figures, there have been 285,332 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Germany since the start of the outbreak and 9,460 deaths.