German Justice Determines That Moscow Ordered The Murder Of a Chechen Dissident In Berlin

German Justice determines that Moscow ordered the murder of a Chechen dissident in Berlin

The German justice considers it proven that Moscow ordered the murder of a Georgian asylee committed in 2019 in the heart of Berlin by a Russian citizen, who was sentenced today to life imprisonment.

The murder was committed by order of “the Russian services” to a “collaborator of his” who operated in the German capital, according to the sentence, read by judge Olaf Arnoldi after the sentence was announced.


The victim was Zelimjan Jangoshvili, 40, who had arrived in Germany in 2016 and had registered as a refugee in 2016.

The Russian authorities described him as a terrorist for having fought in Chechnya in the separatist ranks and later worked with the Georgian security forces.

The defendant approached his victim from behind, on a bicycle, and fired two shots from close range, only to finish him off when he was lying on the ground.

Several people who were in the park identified the assailant, while the bicycle on which he committed the murder was later found in a canal, along with the wig he was wearing and the gun with which he killed him.

The Prosecutor’s Office has assured that the perpetrator of the murder acted “out of greed or other base motives” and during the process alleged that there is no doubt that the murderer acted “at the request of state positions of the Russian Federation” and that his objective was to eliminate who he considers “an enemy of Moscow, of its autonomous republic of Chechnya and of the pro-Russian government of Georgia.”

At the time, Moscow rejected any involvement in the assassination, which sparked strong tensions with the government of the then Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

A few months after the crime, Berlin expelled two Russian diplomats for “not contributing” to the clarification of the matter.

The convicted man, identified as Vadim Krasikov, alias Vadim Sokolov, has been in preventive detention since his arrest, after being identified by eyewitnesses as the man who threw the wig, bicycle and gun into the River Spree.



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