Get a Fitness Body Like Celebrities

Get a fitness body like celebrities | Instagram

There are many celebrities such as Bárbara Regil, La Roca, Omar Chaparro and María León who not only rely on the fame of the cameras but have become much more popular thanks to the world of exercise and health.

Many celebrities have shared with their followers their exercise and nutrition routines not only in their Instagram accounts, but also in some TV shows where they are invited and in mobile applications.


Here we will let you know some of the celebrities who are known for it and what they do to keep fit.

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Yanet García

Also known as La Chica del Clima from the famous program Hoy, it has inspired thousands of people with its sculptural body that has surprised more than one and eager to have a physique similar to hers.

Yanet does not deprive himself of how he stays in shape, as he shares as much as possible some exercise tips in his Instagram account where he likes to focus on his rear and abdomen.

Currently, thanks to the great response he has from his followers, he joined an app called Fit Plan App, where he shares dietary advice and exercise routines.

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Barbara de Regil

Known for her protagonist in Rosario Tijeras, she began to share in her social networks about her fitness life where she shares videos of her exercise routines either in publications or stories as well as healthy food recipes for her followers to put into practice.

It has been so successful that now the actress teaches motivational cardio in which in addition to exercising also advises others to accept themselves.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The famous Roca has been recognized for having a healthy and powerful body and uses its social networks to share its workouts and show off its great muscular body.

As if that were not enough, the actor, together with Dany García, who is his Sicilian, are organizing a great event, “Athleticon”, which will be held in Atlanta and will give conferences and wellness and training programs, with the participation by Julianne Hough and Rachel Brathen.

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Maria Leon

Frequently, the singer shows off her healthy figure on her Instagram account, sharing her pole dance, crossfit and yoga routines.

About a year ago he did a training where his followers could join the Regime of Sergeant Leon Cross Trainning and can still be found on his YouTube channel.

Halle Berry

Known for her famous role as Gatúbela, she has demonstrated through her Instagram account that she is as strong as her beloved character.

The actress, at 53, undoubtedly looks better than ever and in her social networks shares some secrets of how to maintain her figure, as well as routines, body care products and healthy recipes.

Khlóe Kardashian

The famous sister of the Kardashian shared on her Instagram account her workouts to reach the great figure she has now and boasts every time she can.

The celebrity, knowing how difficult it was to overcome herself, brought her food and routine learning to the small screen in her Revenge Body program.

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Mark Wahlberg

The 48-year-old actor continues to star in several action films, which is why he has constant training and shares his exercise routines on his Instagram account to show that it is not an arrangement by the editions.

Mark is part of a training group called F45 that specializes in short, effective and fun workouts.

Alessandra Rosaldo

After her pregnancy, the 48-year-old singer and actress joined the training of coach Mariana Sánchez Williams and invited her family and friends to join, because apparently she was very happy and motivated with it.

As if that were not enough, their motivation and dedication are so great that I create a challenge to train together with their followers where they connect with them to do training together.

Likewise, Alessandra has several videos on her YouTube channel where she shares tips for a healthy diet and exercise routines.

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Omar Chaparro

The famous comedian shares his personal training and boxing routines and started his own challenge on his Instagram account #OmarChallenge.

Your challenge was to share with him every time you went to the gym and how you felt at that time.

Chris Hemsworth

Known for his famous protagonist of Thor, he has always attracted everyone’s attention for his spectacular body since in order to incarnate in the character of the film he had to make an enormous effort and exercise a lot.

The actor constantly uploads videos and photos to his Instagram account and although he does not share routines as such, if he shows the time he devotes to his body.

As if that were not enough, it has a website where it offers training and food plans.

And you, how famous would you like to have your enviable figure?