Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s Right-hand Man, Convicted Of Child Sex Trafficking

Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's right-hand man, convicted of child sex trafficking

British Ghislaine Maxwell, former lover and right-hand man of magnate Jeffrey Epstein, will spend the rest of her life in jail after being found guilty by a New York court on five charges related to the sex trafficking of minors to “offer” them to Jeffrey Epstein.

After six days of deliberations and when it seemed that the jury was leaning in favor of Maxwell’s defense thesis, the jury answered “guilty” to five of the six charges, the most serious of which was for sex trafficking of a minor between 2001 and 2004, that is, when the victim was 14, 15 and 16 years old.


For that crime alone, the judge could sentence her to 40 years in prison, but also all the other charges (“conspiracy”, “transportation”, “incitement”) must be added, all related to facilitating sex trafficking for Epstein, who He committed suicide in prison in the summer of 2019 before he could be tried for several repeat cases of sexual abuse. Judge Alison Nathan now has an indefinite time to pronounce sentence.

Upon hearing the verdict, Maxwell was unfazed. According to several witnesses present in the courtroom, he maintained his composure by sipping a bottle of water while whispering something in his lawyer’s ear; This, despite the fact that in recent days she was seen making gestures with her defense team that seemed to translate a certain optimism.

Maxwell’s environment has criticized his wanting to make him pay for Epstein’s crimes, which no one has questioned during the process, and has dissociated Ghislaine, who just turned 60 last Saturday, from the sexual abuse episodes. committed in the various Epstein mansions that she administered with an iron fist. An employee of one of the mansions stated at trial that Maxwell had ordered the staff “not to see, hear, or say” anything that happened inside that house.

It was the testimonies of four victims – “Carolyne”, “Jane”, “Kate” and Anne, three of them anonymous and with false names – which seem to have weighed on the minds of the jury, given the great coincidences in the testimonies of all they. They described a “sophisticated” woman who approached her victims at times of great family and personal uprooting and promised them help in their careers, before persuading them to travel to Epstein’s mansions where, once there, she proposed to participate in what he called “massages” for the mogul.

“In his (Maxwell’s) eyes, they were nothing more than garbage,” exclaimed prosecutor Maurene Comey in her final statement to the jury. “Who would believe them?” He said in relation to the poise with which Maxwell always denied the facts. But Maxwell not only deceived, transported and seduced the minors; on at least three occasions he touched their breasts and hips before the “massage” sessions, as if evaluating them, and one of them even told him that “he had a nice body for Mr. Epstein”.

The prosecution has tried to limit Maxwell’s trial to specific and real episodes of sexual abuse, but the process has constantly raised the shadow of numerous personalities whose friendship Epstein boasted of and who at one time or another passed through his mansions. .

Former US presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Prince Andrew of England, actor Kevin Spacey and several US senators, all of them more or less close friends of Epstein, have been mentioned in the different sessions. . But the prosecution dismissed even Virginia Giuffre, the woman who accuses Prince Andrew of England of abusing her when she was only 17 years old in one of Epstein’s houses, from the trial, to which the prince declared that he did not even know that woman , despite the fact that a photograph that has traveled the world shows him grabbing her by the waist with Maxwell in the background.

Maxwell, who was on the run and unaccounted for for an entire year after Epstein’s suicide, was eventually detained in a rural New Hampshire mansion. Possessor of three passports, the judge appreciated the risk of flight and decreed provisional imprisonment for her; now it will go decades without seeing the light.



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